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Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles


Uncut version chapters, Behind the scenes

the month of hell is finally over
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
hi, everybody!

sorry I haven't been posted in the last month, but it's been a tough, busy month for me.
Some of you already know, but for those who don't...

Well, to resume it in one sentence, after several days in intensive care unit. Three weeks ago, on April 20th, my dad passed away.
Needless to say, I've been busy with real life stuff in the days, and weeks that followed.

but, in the meanwhile, I found evasion in writing.
So the small prologue that was going to be about twenty pages long is now eighty pages long.
yep. That's right.
EIGHTY pages.
and it's not done yet. Got almost all the scene for a specific character done, and going to move on the next one after.
This thing is like the Star Wars Clone Wars movie was to the namesake series: an overgrown, glorified pilot. But one I've getting prouder and prouder. and very critical about. for every scene you'll read, I've rewrote it at least two times, until I'm satisfied enough.
Had to lower my expectations with myself, or that story wouldn't see the light of day!

And as if I had time to spare, I've found a very, very nice, and FREE 3D program called XNALAra.
And if I can use it, everybody can...provided you have the Microsoft .NET and XNA frameworks
you got models from the Tomb Raider Underworld (one of the inspirations for the fic, if you remember) with 3D skelettons so you can articulate around, and place like you want.
it's an unofficial software, but as it grows, it gets better and better.
The very first picture illustrating Lacrymosa Zero will be made with the software by myself, and edited by my friend Miguel Zuletta, a young professional artist.

Now I have to find the way to publish the stories on LJ with a link in the main window, like Silver Spider does with her Bad Guys fics *waves*

Well that's all for now!
I'll  be posting more often soon enough ^^

(no subject)
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
The Gathering Needs Your Help!
This text is swiped directly from cinsangelcinsangel (with permissions). So if ya watch her around the net, sorry for the repeat. But it's VERY IMPORTANT, guys. So if you can help in any way, even by just re-posting this anywhere, to let others know about the con and call for art and such, we really appreciate it! <3

Hi all! Can't come to Gathering of the Gargoyles, but always wanted to? Want to help keep the con running for another year? You can help!

For any artists!
We're currently attempting our first ever Art For The Gathering! auction. We'll accept donations of original fan art for advance fund-raising auctions on Ebay in June and July. If you are an artist who would like to donate a piece of artwork or a commission slot, please contact us! Or even leave a comment here so I can contact staff!
Any piece of art you're willing to part with or would like to do for auction will be welcomed. We plan to auction the pieces off on ebay and all the proceeds will go to helping keep Gathering of the Gargoyles alive!
Donors of artwork will be recognized on our web site and in the convention program book. The deadline for donations for the Ebay auction is May 31, 2009.
Also, if you can donate, please spread the word about this and let people,your fans,the show's fans, etc. know about our auction so we can generate more publicity about it.

For all fans of Gargoyles!
We are also accepting donations for the live auction at the convention. If you have an item of "Gargoyles" merchandise that needs a new home, please contact us to find out how you can get it to us and help support the convention. The auction is one of our big sources of income to keep the con running so anything you're willing to part with; Toys, cels, posters, anything, will be of help.

For Cosplayers and other Con-goers!
Would anyone mind dumping fliers on con freebee tables if you go to any con before Gathering? Gathering is August 21-24th. We'd be happy to reimburse you up to 100 copies if you send us the receipt. Local So Cal cons would be ideal but we're happy with any cons giving us a little publicity. If you're willing to do this, leave me a message with some contact info and what con you're going to.
The flyer print out is here!

If you get a chance and have the time, just give the con a shout out! On your LJ or Devart site or message board. Just a little word that may pass the info about the con to others who would like to go or help out. Every little bit helps and we'd really appreciate it!
Any help is appreciated guys. So if you can spare the little extra time, we'd be EXTREMELY grateful.

surprise commission + progress report
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
hi, Everybody!

I got one heck of a surprise today!
karine told me, during her broadcast that I still had a commission voucher to redeem by her!
Can you believe that?! a commish by the artist who drew the Bad Guys miniseries and Gargoyles #5 !! And already paid for!

To quote my friend from Second Life Kara Bundy: WOOT!!!

Now, on the progress of Lacrymosa Zero...
Aside of real life interferring in the most annoying and frightening way, it's progressing.
But the more it's growing (an believe me it's growing like it's been shot with growth hormones! seriously, leave this kind of crap to professionals like bicycle athletes!) the more I'm conforted in my belief that I need to write a screenplay of each story before I start writing it novel(lah) style.
When I'm writing it on the fly, it's getting out of control, and i often end up rewriting a scene two, three times.
So far, it's 19 pages in Time New Roman font size 10, but if I kept all the stuff i deleted and rewrote, I'd be close to 100-120 pages now.
If i am to write a multi-chapter fic, I need a screenplay to guide me through and keep me focused.

Nevertheless, I'm really pleased where the story is going, and fan_writer is making a wonderful job as editor and proofreader.
Thanks and kudos to you, Bets!

Well, I'm wrapping it up here.
Til next time!
Same brat-time, same brat-channel!

delayed commission makes writing difficult
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
Let me say this straight ahead; this day sucks.

the work hours dragged on with a babble mouth gibbering all day, annoying the hell of me and keeping me from mentally brainstorming, like I do normally.
I really wanted to strangle that ugly fat cow! Good thing I have a vivid imagination that keeps such ideas purely empirical. At least I get two weeks off starting tomorrow.

Something drove me throughout the day,though. Gave me the energy of ignoring my obnoxious coworker: a sketch of how Fox Xanatos look in 2008, drawn by VP. though it's a freebie, I got several other paid commissions.

I should have known better.

When I connected on msn, I saw him and asked him for an update.
But he had none. Even though he said he'd have it for me today.
By then i could feel the blood pumping in my head, thrumbling on my eardrums.
And a splitting headache growing.
Which, you'll agree, is quite the indrance to work on the fic.

I'm going to take a nap, now. Hopefully, it'll get down.

if I got new stuff, I'll make an update.
Till later

Lacrymosa Zero's sequenced outline done, writing 3/4 done!
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
Woot me! (as my SL friend Kara Bundy would say)

I've just finished the sequenced outline for Lacrymosa's prolog fic, and emailed it to my talented but presently sick editor/proof reader
And it looks promising.

Got some foreshadowing elements installed and outlined, though I have no idea how long it'll turn to be.
One big action sequence. The adversaries aviable to pic are numerous, I can't fully make my mind yet, just that they're not attached to the big meta-plot.
Could be a follow up of previous altercations in either Gargoyles, Tomb Raider or Witchblade.
For instance, those who commissioned the theft of the Gyantse Yerpa (Witchblade #94) were never really found, were they?
or the chinese might still be looking for the missing helicopter prototype that Chase Carver shot down in Tomb Raider #11
Not to mention the Yeti that the monks though Goliath, Angela and Bronx to be, back in 1996's Avalon World Tour (SLG's Gargoyles #07)
Sooo many possibilities! soooo little time!
And to know what i've chosen, my good friend, you'll have to wait for the story!
Ain't I evil?

Well, it's time for me to catch some ZZ

LACRYMOSA on Second Life
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
hi, Folks!

just a quick note, today.
Beside FFN, Gargoyles-fans.org and here, on LJ, I'm planning on presenting Lacrymosa on Second Life.
One problem presents itself: I have no idea how to proceed.
Alexis Fontaine, a friend of mine who edited the Gallery Girls Magazine, suggested that I use Thinc Book 2.0 and the Thinc Press Printer.

I've looked it up, and went to their in-world shop (it's a SURL, click and you'll rez there).
It says there that I need to convert the pages into graphic files, but no idea how to proceed.

So help will be VERY welcome when time comes.

on progress, now. Wrote a rather big scene.
More like three rolled in one, but taking place into a rapid succession, no place for scene break.
I'm waiting for my editor/beta reader's feedback (hint hint, nudge nudge, POKE POKE, Bets! GWHAHAHAH) to move on.
Meanwhile I nurse a nasty throat infection.
yes it's my fault, I didn't realize the section I was working in got slowly refrigerated (required when working with expensive chocolate).
But it's like the frog and the boiling water. I didn't feel it until it was too late. Next morning, I was boiling with fever.

Anyway, that's enough for today! laters!
and as always, comments appreciated and encouraged

First logo! Doesn't it rock?!
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
Hi, folks!

Dtaina made that logo for me!
Check it out!

our very first logo!

Isn't it looking GREAT?!

Wonderful job, Dee!
Thank you!

on the other news, my dear editor, who so gently POKED MY RIBS! (meanie!), told me to flesh out some scenes for Lacrymosa Zero.
And so I did, I put out some scene descriptions.
Believe you me, it looks promising more and more.
It's a really a kick to write this story!

I haven't had such a kick writing a story since the days of Gargoyles New Legends!

Anyway, it's getting late, and I need to catch some Zz

LACRYMOSA -- First step
Fanfiction, Witchblade, Lacrymosa, Tomb Raider, Gargoyles
First, let me welcome you all who read this.

Here, you'll find my upcoming fanfiction.
It is called "Lacrymosa", and it's a crossover between Gargoyles, Tomb Raider and Witchblade.

It is also a rather dark AU -Alternate Universe- in which no character is safe. Not even the canon ones
And it's set in the last trimester of 2008.
Chronology wise, it's set a couple months after Tomb Raider Underworld (including Beneath the Ashes and Lara's Shadow. the regular comics issues are taken in account -not the Tomb Raider Journey- as well as the short animated 'Tomb Raider: Revisioned') and, for Witchblade, it goes away from canon (isn't it the purpose of all fanfiction to begin with?) right after the story arc The Advent, and ignores the stories after that. I wasn't that much fond about the story in that neighbourhood of Brooklyn, to tell you the truth. No hard feeling, Mr Waid.
I think that War of the Witchblade will occur, but after the story, and not for the reason exposed in the issue #124.

Some of the characters shown in the issues in between. Some, like Gretchen "Gretch" Fullmer, the cute redheaded tabloid reporter who stalks Sara, will play an important role in the story.

The toughest case was Gargoyles, actually.
Lacrymosa takes place 11 years after the latest comics issue to this date.
Characters grew older, and changed.
Some for the better (or less bad, maybe, for some) but other grew bitter, darker.
Elisa as she'll appear in the story

I remember a panel I attened at the Gallery 2006, about crossover,and worked hard to make it blend together, in a coherent universe.
But all won't go along quite nice. Like Lara and Elisa, to give you an exemple, and reasons that will be exposed in the stories.

A short prolog will be posted soon, and will serve as a teaser trailer in some ways.

Some credits are due.
I got a very talented, patient and passioned beta reader (doubling as an editor), </a></b></a>fan_writer . In the week or so we've been worked together on Lacry's preproduction, I've made more progress than I did in four months.

my old friend and talented artist, VP. He drew the picture you see above.
He's drawing the model sheet that will serve as references for related commissions. when his roomies don't schrew up things for him, poor bloke
Some -so far, all- of these will be commissioned to another great artist:  </a>y2hecate</span>

Can't forgot two consultants/advisers in the person of Emma Lipardi (if you are into Harry Potter, I STRONGLY encourage you to read her marvelous story, "An Aunt's Love". Lacrymosa wouldn't probably exist without Emma's advices and inspiration) and </a></b></a>silverspidertm2
Lacrymosa wouldn't exist in the shape it is growin now without them. Thank you guys!


I'll finish with a request;
I need a logo for the fic and page
Oh, I've tried to make one myself, but I suck tremendously with Photoshop (it's even worse than my prim building -lack of- skills in Second Life)
The one I was leaning toward is the title in capital letters -LACRYMOSA- in the Gargoyles font, wrapped by Witchblade tendrils and with bullets impacts in the letters, with the shape of Avalon in the background.

if some of you guys feel up to it, i would be enourmously happy!
I might even put a poll to vote for which you readers prefer.

Thank you for the reading, and I will be seeing you soon!